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ATIS will hold a webinar entitled 5G Reimagined: New Business Models and Enhanced User Experiences. You will learn how ATIS is not only advancing global 5G requirements, but is taking them a step beyond their traditional scope and providing the North American perspective on 5G

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ATIS announces publication of 5G Reimagined: A North American Perspective, a white paper providing the ICT industry with the definitions and requirements to advance the 5G network. The paper contains use cases describing several deployment scenarios for new networks, building on commonly recognized baseline requirements. It then goes beyond these to also consider disruptive service examples addressing challenges and opportunities for the new network in light of changing business models and user expectations. Based on these all-encompassing use cases, 5G Reimagined identifies the unique characteristics and regulatory requirements of North American networks as well as the other factors it will take to ensure 5G delivers an unsurpassed user experience.more +

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ATIS today announced that Andre Fuetsch, Senior Vice President, Domain 2.0 Architecture and Design, AT&T, has been elected Chair of its Board of Directors. Joseph Hanley of TDS has been elected new First Vice Chair. Sue Spradley of Viavi Solutions is the new ATIS Secretary. And five new C-Level Board members were elected at the November 12 ATIS Board of Directors' meeting: John Bullock, CTO & SVP of Network Engineering & Operations, Inteliquent; Tom Gage, CEO & Managing Director, Marconi Pacific, LLC; Dr. Anton Monk, VP of Strategic Alliances & Standards, Cohere Technologies; Lior Netzer, VP, Emerging Mobile Products Division, Akamai; and Dr. Byung K. Yi, Executive VP & CTO, InterDigital.more +

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ATIS, a leading global standards and solutions development organization for the ICT industry, today announced the successful support of ATIS' Open Real-Time Communication Application (ORCA) API using the Matrix decentralized group communication infrastructure. In conjunction with previous ORCA implementations, today's announcement provides proof of concept for the ORCA API and demonstrates that Matrix can support a variety of communication needs. more +

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ATIS today announced publication of new best practices to support mobile device theft protection. These directly address an FCC Technological Advisory Council recommendation to develop solutions for law enforcement and others to easily obtain the International Mobile Station Equipment Identifier (IMEI) from a mobile device. Providing such quick IMEI access will help identify and ultimately prevent stolen devices from being placed back on the network. more +

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The 9-1-1 National Emergency Address Database (NEAD) LLC, an independent entity established by CTIA-The Wireless Association®, announced a request for proposal (RFP) to select a vendor for the NEAD Platform — an important step forward to improve indoor wireless 9-1-1 location accuracy. Separately, ATIS was chosen as the project manager for the RFP process.more +

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