Advancing ICT Industry Transformation

Phone Industry Turns to James Bond for Answer to Robocall Villainy

By David Lazarus, Los Angeles Times

The phone industry has come up with a system called SHAKEN/STIR that it hopes will put a dent in the billions of robocalls pestering U.S. households. MORE

James Bond(MGM Home Entertainment)

Connected Vehicle Cybersecurity

As the connected vehicle market accelerates, the network reaches into new frontiers to provide connectivity and data collection. To advance this transformation, the new ATIS report Improving Cybersecurity in Connected Vehicles: ICT Industry Experience and Perspectives addresses collaboration between the ICT industry and vehicle original equipment manufacturers to secure the car and block cyberattacks or malware events. MORE

Advancing Carriers' Business Needs Globally

A new joint ATIS-MEF international standard for ordering carrier ethernet services is focused on giving service providers a common method to purchase services from one another across multiple countries to satisfy a business customer’s multisite business needs. MORE

The ICT Industry’s Smart Approach to Smart Cities

How do city planners better leverage ICT innovation as they create the Smart Cities of the future? ATIS’ Smart Cities Technology Roadmap guides the way, identifying key network-enabled technologies to assist planners in developing strategies for integrating, staging, and deploying smart cities infrastructure. MORE

Speeding the Evolution to Content Optimized Networks

ATIS' Evolution to Content Optimized Networks (eCON) initiative establishes an evolutionary path from today's IP-based routing network to a future network that leverages the increasingly important role of content. MORE

Improving Cybersecurity in the Network and IoT

ATIS is developing solutions to secure critical network infrastructure against cybersecurity threats. Two new reports highlight our work to 1. promote a more proactive approach to cybersecurity at the service design stage and 2. address cybersecurity attacks associated with IoT services. MORE

Advancing 5G Business Models

ATIS’ 5G Initiative leverages the strength of the powerful 4G network in an evolutionary sense, but also encompasses breakthrough use cases to advance the new 5G network as a key incubator of new business models. MORE

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