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ATIS/US Ignite Launch Smart Cities Data Exchange Initiative

Cities are exploring new and innovative Smart Cities applications, which require sophisticated data collection devices that can process and deliver real-time data from sensors, vehicles, and IoT-enabled infrastructure. For them to be able to benefit from the next generation of enhanced applications leveraging real-time data and creating a vibrant data ecosystem, the data they collect must be shared in an interoperable and secure way with other cities, adjacent communities, federal/state government agencies, trusted partners, citizens, and application developers. A new ATIS/US Ignite Smart Cities Data Exchange Initiative makes this possible. Cities and municipalities of all sizes are invited to participate. MORE

Harnessing Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology to Advance ICT Business Priorities

Distributed ledger and blockchain applications are ripe for advancing innovation in the telecommunications industry. A new ATIS blog post shows how ATIS is working to understand where they will offer the greatest opportunity. MORE

ATIS’ Work to Mitigate Unwanted Robocalling and Caller ID Scams Covered in Wall Street Journal

Why are there so many robocalls, and what can you do about them? Robocalls won’t vanish soon, but carriers are working on a spam filter and other fixes. A recent Wall Street Journal article cites ATIS’ work on a method of verifying calls to help mitigate the problem. MORE

Spam Robocalls Aren’t Slowing Down. Here’s the Tech That Could Stop Them

Learn how the STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) protocols are helping to make it so every phone number has a certificate of authenticity attached to it — a kind of digital signature — that allows you to once again trust your caller ID. MORE

Enabling IoT Innovation with ATIS OS-IoT Software

ATIS’ OS-IoT software is helping to put oneM2M standards into action in lightweight clients. It is also helping app developers make their IoT apps more effective and secure – and reach global audiences with ease. MORE

Connected Vehicle Cybersecurity

As the connected vehicle market accelerates, the network reaches into new frontiers to provide connectivity and data collection. To advance this transformation, the new ATIS report Improving Cybersecurity in Connected Vehicles: ICT Industry Experience and Perspectives addresses collaboration between the ICT industry and vehicle original equipment manufacturers to secure the car and block cyberattacks or malware events. MORE

Improving Cybersecurity in the Network and IoT

ATIS is developing solutions to secure critical network infrastructure against cybersecurity threats. Two new reports highlight our work to 1. promote a more proactive approach to cybersecurity at the service design stage and 2. address cybersecurity attacks associated with IoT services. MORE

Advancing 5G Business Models

ATIS’ 5G Initiative leverages the strength of the powerful 4G network in an evolutionary sense, but also encompasses breakthrough use cases to advance the new 5G network as a key incubator of new business models. MORE

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