Executive and Legal Office

Susan Miller President & CEO  
Elaine Jakins Executive Assistant & Office Manager  
Tom Goode General Counsel  
Caitlin O'Connor Assistant to the Legal Department  
Catherine Bagwill Administrative Assistant  


Technology and Solutions

Mike Nawrocki Vice President of Technology and Solutions  
Yvonne Reigle Director - Strategic Initiatives  
Nicole Butler Senior Coordinator - TOPS Council, NFV, 5G, Cybersecurity, oneM2M, eCON  
Tom Anderson Senior Technology Consultant  
Jim McEachern Senior Technology Consultant  


Global Standards Development

Steve Barclay Director - Global Standards Development  
Jackie Wohlgemuth Manager - Global Standards Development, AIDC
Drew Greco Coordinator - IOC, OBF, PTSC
Sarah Gresser Coordinator - INC, NGIIF, NRSC  
Emily Hoefer Coordinator - ESIF, OBF ASO & OS, SYNC  


Marketing and Public Relations

Lauren Layman Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations  
Rich Moran Director of Membership  
Hank Daugherty Digital Marketing Manager  
Lois Rude Manager of Education and Conferences  
Marcella Wolfe Manager of Public Relations & Marketing Communications


Finance and Operations

Kelly Weiss Vice President of Finance & Operations  
Alexandra Blasgen Manager of Knowledge Services, SNAC, WTSC  
Kia Phillips HR Manager  
Esther Kagoda Financial Administrator  
Finance/HR Administrator