Next Generation Interconnection Interoperability Forum

The NGIIF addresses next generation network interconnection and interoperability topics associated with emerging technologies. Specifically, it develops operational procedures that involve the network aspects of architecture, disaster preparedness, installation, maintenance, management, reliability, routing, security, and testing between network operators. In addition, the NGIIF addresses issues that impact the interconnection of existing and next generation networks and facilitate the transition to emerging technologies.

  • NGIIF members are committed to collaborate with the industry to successfully complete calls to all locations, including rural areas. Find more information in ATIS' rural call completion initiative or download the Intercarrier Call Completion/Call Termination Handbook.
  • NGIIF is in the process of finalizing work that analyzes Caller ID spoofing with respect to network impacts, existing regulatory conflicts, and consumer educational needs. This work also highlights technical methodologies and solutions that may be implemented to support the integrity of hybrid PSTN/NGN Caller ID services.

  • Randee Ryan, Comcast
  • Karen Riepenkroger, Sprint