WTSC develops and recommends standards and technical reports related to wireless and/or mobile services and systems, including service descriptions and wireless technologies. WTSC develops and recommends positions on related subjects under consideration in other North American, regional and international standards bodies.


WTSC coordinates and develops standards and technical reports primarily relevant to wireless/mobile telecommunications networks in the U.S. and reviews and prepares contributions on such matters for submission to the appropriate U.S. preparatory body for consideration as ITU contributions or for submission to other domestic and regional standards organizations. WTSC will maintain liaison with other ATIS Committees as well as external fora as appropriate. WTSC will coordinate closely with other standards developing organizations (e.g., TIA, IEEE, ETSI, etc) on wireless issues to ensure that the work programs are complementary.

SMS to 9-1-1

Collaboration to develop an SMS to 9-1-1 service has begun between WTSC SN and TIA TR45.8. The output of this joint project, "JSMS911", will allow an SMS text user to use the publicly known 9-1-1 emergency short code to begin text communication with a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

Joint Standards Development

WTSC is the lead on multiple joint industry standards projects, including work on SMS to 9-1-1, coexistence and interference issues, Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS), and public safety mission critical Push to Talk (PTT) voice interoperation between Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and Long Term Evolution (LTE) systems.

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