APP-ID Registry

Accelerating IoT with Globally Unique App IDs

Enabling delivery of globally unique software application identifiers based upon oneM2M specifications and application identifier management to support developers and enterprises within industry verticals.

With the rapid growth in oneM2M solutions across industry verticals, there is an explosion of applications and devices that need to interoperate within and across service provider networks. This has created a critical need for unique identification of software applications to ensure seamless interconnection with devices and networks for service delivery. The current use of non-standard identifiers and proprietary formats for identifying software applications makes interconnection extremely difficult. It also prevents effective tracking and reporting necessary for service fulfilment and billing.

To create an official, globally unique App-ID for your oneM2M compliant application, please click here.

The oneM2M App-ID Registry solves the problem by providing a single source for application registrations and subsequent lookups. The registry enables:

  • Generation of unique standards-based identifiers
  • Centralized App-ID data management through a robust, fault-tolerant registry
  • Processing of thousands of concurrent transactions

ATIS, a oneM2M founding partner, is the Registry Management Authority for the oneM2M App-ID Registry powered by iconectiv. For more information, please contact To learn more about oneM2M, visit

oneM2M Webinar

Accelerating the Internet of Things: The oneM2M App-ID Registry Webinar available for on-demand viewing. You can also download a copy of the presentation slides.