Robocalling Testbed

Other ATIS Robocalling Initiatives

ATIS has a multifaceted approach to addressing robocalling, focusing on strategic, technical and operational elements of this important issue. The six-month report of the industry’s Robocalling Strike Force includes information on relevant ATIS work as of April 2017. For more information about ATIS work programs on this topic or to learn how to participate in this work, please contact:

  • Robocall Testbed and Testbeds Focus Group -- Yvonne Reigle, ATIS Director of Strategic Initiatives (
  • INC and NGIIF -- Jackie Wohlgemuth, ATIS Manager of Global Standards Development (
  • PTSC -- Steve Barclay, ATIS Director of Global Standards Development (
  • ATIS SIP Forum Joint IP-NNI Task Force -- Jim McEachern, ATIS Senior Technology Consultant (