The Machine-to-Machine Committee (M2MC)

The current M2M ecosystem is very complex, with many different vertical market segments, each with its own application-specific service layer.  The proliferation of M2M implementations creates an enormous potential for added complexity to telecommunication networks.  An analysis of the current status of the M2M ecosystem was recently conducted by the ATIS TOPS Council’s M2M Focus Group (FG), which recommended that any commonalties be leveraged to develop a common service layer that will catalyze the optimal use of ICT capabilities and enhance the overall inception and delivery of Vertical Services and Applications.

Based upon the recommendation from the TOPS Council, which was endorsed by the ATIS Board, ATIS is pleased to announce the launch of its new M2M Committee.  The output that was developed in the ATIS M2M FG will be used as the foundation for the Committee (please note these documents are available only to ATIS members):

The ATIS M2MC will:

  • Initially focus on detailing elements of the common Service Layer and defining requirements for the interfaces to the application and transport layers. A common service layer will leverage core network capabilities and enable service providers to enhance the overall M2M ecosystem. 
  • Leverage 3GPP-based networks for supporting M2M applications and services.
  • Continue existing relationships with organizations such as Continua and the Consumer Electronics Association, and build additional relationships with other high-priority vertical industry groups.
  • Serve as the venue to focus development of the North American M2M ecosystem and drive regional requirements, including North American regulatory requirements, into oneM2M – the M2M global initiative being launched in July 2012.


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M2MC Chair:
Stephen Hayes, Ericsson

M2MC Vice Chair:
DeWayne Sennett, AT&T

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All documents available to ATIS member companies.