Time and Money II:
The Workshop on Time Sync Requirements in Financial Markets

January 2017

Andy Bach, Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation

Overview: Why Time Matters to Financial Markets

Andy Bach
Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation

Bob Kolasky, Department of Homeland Security

Increasing Resilience for Positioning Navigation and Timing

Bob Kolasky
Department of Homeland Security

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Marc Weiss, PhD, Marc Weiss Consulting

How to Get a Good Time: Transferring UTC from a Lab

Marc Weiss, PhD
Marc Weiss Consulting

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Dr. Judah Levine, NIST

UTC and NIST Time

Dr. Judah Levine

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Dr. David Snowdon, Metamako

How Do the U.S., Europe and Asia Address Timing?

Panel Discussion
Scott Caudell; Metamako; Microsemi; Tabb Group

Richard Linzy, Windstream

GPS Time Reliability and Traceability: What it Means in Financial Markets

Panel Discussion
Booz Allen Hamilton; Diamond Consulting; Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation; Trimble; Windstream;

John Fischer, Spectracom

Resilient Timing: GPS, Atomic Clocks, and Now STL

John Fischer

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Dr. Doug Arnold, Meinberg USA

NTP vs. PTP: How Do You Get Accuracy?

Dr. Doug Arnold
Meinberg USA

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Gil Biran, Oscilloquartz

Pragmatic Approaches for Sync Delivery in Finance Markets

Gil Biran

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Victor Yodaiken, FSMLabs

Practical Fault Tolerance for Time Distribution in Financial Markets

Victor Yodaiken

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Kamatchi Gopalakrishnan, Juniper Networks

Differences Between Telecom and the Financial Network Environment

Kamatchi Gopalakrishnan
Juniper Networks

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Dr. Leon Lobo, National Physical Laboratory

Timing as a Service

Panel Discussion
CenturyLink; FSMLabs; Microsemi; National Physical Laboratory; Perseus

George Bollenbacher, Capital Markets Advisors

Across Time and Space – MiFID, Dodd-Frank and Universal Time

George Bollenbacher
Capital Markets Advisors

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Austin Gerig, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Speed and Latency in U.S. Equity Markets

Austin Gerig
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

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