Technology & Operations Council

Technology & Operations Council

The TOPS Council identifies the industry's most pressing technical and operational challenges and coordinates industry-wide solutions that address ICT organizations' top business priorities. Participation is open to interested ATIS members. The Council is composed of senior-level technology experts, making it a leading "knowledge trust" shaping ICT's future.

How the TOPS Council Works

In the TOPS Council, expert-level technology leaders from top ICT organizations combine their knowledge in a problem-solving environment. The result is high-level, coordinated and collaborative insight into how to meet the industry’s top challenges.

The TOPS Council works to more clearly understand ICT challenges and survey the landscape to see what work is already taking place to address them. The Council then defines solutions and develops work plans with milestones. The goal is to fast-track solutions focused on interoperability and end-to-end implementation.

Whether it takes place in an ATIS Committee or another organization, the Council monitors the initiative’s progress. Its work doesn’t stop until there’s a solution that meets members’ business objectives.



Reference Functional Model Webinar - April 9, 2015 - (View full webinar)



For more information about the TOPS Council and its activities, please contact

Yvonne Reigle, Director - Strategic Initiatives
Nicole Butler, Committee Administrator


Chris Drake
TOPS Council Chair