Harness the Power of Your City's Data

Cities are already offering innovative Smart City services to citizens and businesses by deploying sophisticated sensors, connected vehicles, IoT-enabled infrastructure and more. As cities begin to think about the next generation of applications that require vast amounts of real-time and resilient data, there is an opportunity for cities and industry to work together to develop a consistent approach to exchanging data.

Boost Your Ability to Collect, Manage and Exchange Data

The new ATIS/US Ignite Smart Cities Data Exchange brings together Smart Cities thought leaders and industry experts to create a blueprint for this secure and interoperable exchange of data beyond city operational boundaries. Cities and municipalities of all sizes are invited to participate.

Enable the Next Generation of Smart Cities Applications

Cities working with ATIS and US Ignite will lay a foundation for the development of a data-exchange specification. The new specification will include a data-sharing framework, data formats and protocols, security and privacy requirements and common APIs. Join ATIS and US Ignite in helping your city plan its evolutionary path forward in a new world of Smart Cities applications. Contact our team to learn how your city can participate.