ATIS Data Sharing Framework for Smart Cities

An in-depth assessment of approaches and recommendations for how Smart Cities can develop a robust data sharing ecosystem.

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ATIS Smart Cities Data Sharing Framework

Helping Cities Develop a Robust and Secure Data Sharing Ecosystem

Through the use of IoT sensors, connected devices, and innovative new Smart Cities’ applications, cities globally are collecting a vast amount of data on everything from traffic patterns, public safety implementations, waste management, air quality and more. How can cities use this to improve citizens’ quality of life? How will they harness the data to make operations and services more efficient? How can they monetize it as a source of revenue for their city? The secure sharing of data is key to realizing the full opportunity of being a Smart City.

Maximize the Value of Your Smart City's Data

In addition to developing the Data Sharing Framework, ATIS is engaging cities, towns, counties or municipalities — of any size — to explore and collaborate on how the Data Sharing Framework can advance their Smart City vision and realize the opportunity of the data that is generated.

Contact us if your city is interested in working with ATIS to put the Data Sharing Framework into action.

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