Time and Money II:
The Workshop on Time Sync Requirements in Financial Markets

About this Workshop

Leading finance and trading software specialists will come together with telecom experts — the professionals managing time for the entire network — to deliver expert insight into the latest time synchronization and technology alternatives. The event is designed to help the finance industry face one of its most formidable challenge: The need to ensure to clients and regulators that their transactions are accurately timed — down to the microsecond.

Regulatory activity taking place in Europe is pushing adoption of more stringent timing requirements for financial institutions globally. Yet, far beyond its potential compliance value, setting up a system to deliver accurate timing provides a critical opportunity for your institution to demonstrate its operational excellence. Learn About:

  • Consolidated Audit Trail National Market System (CAT NMS) Plan requirements
  • MiFID II Compliance Monitoring
  • Regulatory statutes governing transaction accounting across
    adjacent markets
  • Critical opportunities provided by timing
  • Financial markets best practices
  • Timing technology implementation options and use cases
  • Risk mitigation strategies to protect against, among other things,
    cyber and timing attacks
  • Real-time analytics of low-latency network, transaction and
    application performance
  • Vulnerabilities of GNSS timing
  • Other 2018 regulatory requirements

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