Patent Assurances

Patent Assurances

The information below is subject to change and lists those ATIS Deliverables for which ATIS has received patent disclosure information. Please refer to the individual assurance letters or statements for the specific details of any one disclosure. Neither ATIS or its members make any representations as to the validity or accuracy of information and/or claims contained within the individual letters or statements. If you have any questions regarding ATIS’ patent policy, please contact Thomas Goode, ATIS General Counsel. Additional information about patent disclosures made regarding 3rd Generation Partnership Project specifications can be found at:

*Grey shading indicates those deliverables that have been revised.

ATIS.3GPP.38.815.V1500 Benjamin Kim
ATIS – 1000082 Verizon (2021), Verizon (2022)
ATIS – 0100005.2006 (S2016) Lucent Technologies
ATIS – 0100302.1989 (S2016) (formerly T1.302) AT&T
ATIS – 0100312.1999 (S2016) (formerly T1.312) AT&T
ATIS – 0100518.1998 (R2013) (formerly T1.518) NTIA/ITS
ATIS – 0100521.2005 (R2015) (formerly ATIS – 0152100.2005) AT&T Corp.
ATIS – 0100801.03.2003 (R2013) (formerly T1.801.03) NTIA/ITS
ATIS – 0100801.04.2005 (R2015) (formerly T1.801.04) NTIA/ITS
ATIS – 0300221.1995 (S2010) (formerly T1.221) AT&T
ATIS – 0300231.2013 (formerly T1.231) ADAJDSU
ATIS – 0500002.2008 (R2013) Intrado
ATIS – 0500006.2008 (R2013) Intrado
ATIS – 0500007.2008 (R2013) Intrado
ATIS – 0500019.2010 Plant CML
ATIS – 0500020 PivotPoint Solutions LLC
ATIS – 0500027 NextNav LLC
ATIS – 0600007 ASSIA, Inc. Aware
ATIS – 0600107.2002 (S2015) (formerly T1.107) Verilink CorpIntegrated Networks Corp.
ATIS – 0600403.1999 (S2015) (formerly T1.403) Verilink Corp., AT&T, ADA, Reliance Comm/Tec
ATIS – 0600403.a.2001 (S2015) (formerly T1.403.a) AT&T
ATIS – 0600403.b.2002 (S2015) (formerly T1.403.b) AT&T
ATIS – 0600403.01.1999 (S2015) (formerly T1.403.01) AT&T
ATIS – 0600403.02.1999 (S2015) (formerly T1.403.02) AT&T
ATIS – 0600404.2002 (S2015) (formerly T1.404) JDSU
ATIS – 0600410.2001 (S2015) (formerly T1.410) Integrated Networks Corp.
ATIS – 0600413.2009 (R2014) (formerly T1.413) AmatiAT&T ParadyneReliance Comm/TecSiemens
ATIS – 0600416.1999 (S2015) (formerly T1.416) StrataCom
ATIS – 0600416.01.1999 (S2015) (formerly T1.416.01) StrataCom
ATIS – 0600416.02.1999 (S2015) (formerly T1.416.02) StrataCom
ATIS – 0600416.03.1999 (S2015) (formerly T1.416.03) StrataCom
ATIS – 0600416.04.2005 (S2015) (formerly T1.416.04) StrataCom
ATIS – 0600417.2003 (S2015) (formerly T1.417) StrataCom
ATIS – 0600418.2002 (S2015) (formerly T1.418) AdtranSpediant Systems
ATIS – 0600424.2004 (S2015) (formerly T1.424) Texas Instruments
ATIS – 0600601.1999 (R2015) (formerly T1.601) British Telecom
ATIS – 0700004.2005 ArrayComm
ATIS – 0700004.2007 (R2017) Kyocera
ATIS – 0700004.a.2008 Kyocera
ATIS – 0700018 Qualcomm
ATIS-0700028 Qualcomm
ATIS-0700028.v002 Qualcomm
ATIS – 07000031 Qualcomm
ATIS-0700036.V002 AC&C
ATIS – 0800001.v002 Verizon
ATIS – 0800006 Irdeto MobileVerizon
ATIS – 0800013 Qualcomm
ATIS – 08000020 (formerly IIF-WT-026) SonyLGE
ATIS – 0800022 LGE
ATIS – 0800033 Motorola
ATIS – 0900007 (formerly ATIS – 0600007) ASSIA
ATIS – 0900105.2008 (R2013) (formerly T1.105) BellcoreLucent, NTI
ATIS – 0900105.2015 Alcatel-Lucent
ATIS – 0900105.01.2000 (R2015) (formerly T1.105.01) Nortel Networks
ATIS – 0900105.02.2007 (R2015) (formerly T1.105.02) Chip Logic
ATIS – 1000008.2006 (S2016) Cisco Systems
ATIS – 1000013.v2.2015 Cisco Systems
ATIS – 1000017.2008 (R2013) Cisco Systems
ATIS – 1000018 AT&T
ATIS – 1000062 NetNumber, Inc.
ATIS – 1000063 NetNumber, Inc.
ATIS – 1000104.1991 (R2013) (formerly T1.104) AT&T
ATIS – 1000637.1999 (R2015) (formerly T1.637) AT&TLucent Technologies, and StrataCom
ATIS – 1000640.2001 (S2016) (formerly T1.640) StrataCom
ATIS – 1000646.2003 (R2015) (formerly T1.646) StrataCom, JDSU
TR 38.811 Lynk Global, Inc.
TR 38.821 Lynk Global, Inc.
TR.40-1995 NTI
TR.43-1995 NTI
TR.70-2001 Cisco Systems
TR.75-2001 Sarnoff Corp.
T1.TRQ.11.2004 Cisco Systems
ATIS IIF Issue 54 (No associated ATIS deliverable) Microsoft
JINI Sun Microsystems
J-STD-007 HughesPhilipsMatra Comm.NokiaPCSIInter Digital Tech. Corp., MotorolaNEC America, EricssonUS WESTHitachi, MCC Panasonic
J-STD-008 Hughes, PCSIInter Digital Tech. Corp.MotorolaEricsson, QualcommUS WEST, Hitachi, Nokia, MCC Panasonic
J-STD-009 Hughes, NokiaPCSI, MotorolaNEC AmericaEricsson, US WESTHitachi, Matra Comm.MCC Panasonic
J-STD-010 Hughes, Nokia, PCSI, Inter Digital Tech. Corp., Motorola, NEC AmericaEricsson, US WESTHitachi, Matra Comm., Qualcomm, Inc.MCC Panasonic
J-STD-011 Hughes, NokiaPCSIInter Digital Tech. Corp., Motorola, NEC AmericaEricsson, US WEST, Hitachi, MCC PanasonicQualComm
J-STD-014 Hughes, Nokia, PCSIInter Digital Tech. Corp., MotorolaNEC America, Ericsson, US WEST, HitachiMCC Panasonic
J-STD-014a Hughes, Nokia, PCSI, Inter Digital Tech. Corp., Motorola, NEC America, Ericsson, US WESTHitachi, MCC Panasonic
J-STD-014b Hughes, Nokia, PCSI, Inter Digital Tech. Corp.Motorola, NEC America, EricssonUS WEST, HitachiMCC Panasonic
J-STD-018 Motorola
J-STD-019 Motorola
J-STD-036-C-2[E] Qualcomm
J-STD-101 Qualcomm
J-STD-101.a Qualcomm
J-STD-101.b Qualcomm
J-STD-110 Qualcomm
J-STD-110.a Qualcomm
M.1457 Qualcomm
M. 1457-13 Qualcomm
M.2012 Qualcomm
M. 2012 Revision 3 Qualcomm
Q.1741 Qualcomm
ATIS.3GPP.XXX.200X Qualcomm
ATIS.3GPP.XXX.2012 Qualcomm
T1.3GPP.XXX.200X Qualcomm
3GPP TS22.261 Lynk Global, Inc.
3GPP TS23.203 Cisco Systems
3GPP TS23.401 Marvell International Ltd.
3GPP TS23.402 Marvell International Ltd.
3GPP TS23.861 Marvell International Ltd.
3GPP TS25.211 AT&T Wireless
3GPP TS26.346 Digital Fountain
3GPP TS23.003 VirnetX
3GPP TS23.228 VirnetX
3GPP TS23.234 VirnetX
3GPP TS23.327 VirnetX
3GPP TS24.228 VirnetX
3GPP TS24.234 VirnetX
3GPP TS26.237 VirnetX
3GPP TS32.583 VirnetX
3GPP TS32.593 VirnetX
3GPP TS33.141 VirnetX
3GPP TS33.203 VirnetX
3GPP TS33.210 VirnetX
3GPP TS33.222 VirnetX
3GPP TS33.234 VirnetX
3GPP TS33.328 VirnetX
3GPP TS33.401 VirnetX
3GPP TS36.101 AT&T
3GPP TS36.201 AT&T
3GPP TS36.211 AT&T
3GPP TS36.213 AT&T
3GPP TS36.300 VirnetXAT&T
3GPP TS36.302 AT&T
3GPP TS43.318 VirnetX
3GPP TS44.318 VirnetX
3GPP TS43.318 Kineto Wireless
3GPP TS44.318 Kineto Wireless
3GPP TS XX.XXX Magnolia Broadband
3GPP GAN Specifications TS.43.318 Kineto Wireless
3GPP Home Node B TS.25.401, 25.410, 25.412, 25.413, 25.414, 25.415, 25.419, 25.828 Kineto Wireless
oneM2M.TS0001V2100-2016; oneM2M.TS0012V200-2016; oneM2M.TS0021V200-2016; oneM2M.TS0023V200-2016 Qualcomm
oneM2M.TS0001V161-2015 Qualcomm
oneM2M.TS0003V101-2015 Qualcomm
oneM2M.TS0004V101-2015 Qualcomm

Withdrawn Standards

If you have any questions regarding ATIS’ withdrawn standards, please contact (202) 434-8833.

T1.106 withdrawn NTI
T1.301 withdrawn AT&T
T1.303 withdrawn AT&T
T1.310 withdrawn AT&T
T1.412 withdrawn StrataCom
T1.427 withdrawn Acetlis, Alcatel, Aware, Broadcom, Ciena Networks, Hatteras Networks, Infineon, Catena Networks, Spediant
T1.624 withdrawn StrataCom
T1.718 withdrawn Ericsson
T1.719 withdrawn Ericsson
T1.720 withdrawn Ericsson
T1.723 withdrawn Tantivy
ATIS – 0600008-200X withdrawn project Aware
ATIS – 0700713.2006 (R2012) (Revision/Consolidation of J-STD-007, J-STD-023, and J-STD-024) Nokia, PCSI, Inter Digital, Motorola, Nec America, Ericsson, US West, HitachiMatra Communication, Philips Electronics, Philips International, MCC Panasonic
ATIS – 0700015 Qualcomm Qualcomm
ATIS – 0900105.08.2001 (R2010) withdrawn, formerly T1.105.08 Fujitsu Limited