Carroll Gray-Preston, ATIS


Connected Car-Cybersecurity

The ATIS Connected Car-Cybersecurity Ad Hoc Group fills a vital role in advancing industry-to-industry dialogue between ICT experts and vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to improve cybersecurity for connected vehicles. The Ad Hoc is analyzing the communications paths to the connected car, developing a cybersecurity threat model, and identifying potential solutions, including network services that the ICT industry can offer. Its findings will demonstrate that the ICT industry can be a valued partner with the automotive OEMs in making the connected car secure.

The key is to view the “vehicle as a platform” (with many interconnected systems) and the “network as a platform” (offering a range of possible security solutions) and then to assess the “platform-to-platform” interaction. The Ad Hoc is developing a white paper that will further the dialogue with the automotive OEMs and the Auto Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC). A key goal of this forefront industry-to-industry dialog is to define of a set of mandatory minimum cybersecurity requirements that apply to all ICT interfaces to the vehicle ecosystem.