White Papers (A-Z)

White Papers (A-Z)

3GPP Release 17 – Building Blocks for UAV Applications

5G Reimagined: A North American Perspective

5G Reimagined: A North American Perspective (Issue 2)

5G Security Requirements

5G Specifications in 3GPP: North American Needs for the 5G Future

5G Vertical Platform Assessment Report

A Framework for SHAKEN Attestation and Origination Identifier

An Analysis of the SPDY Protocol and the SPDY Proxy

An Architectural Risk Analysis for Internet of Things (IoT) Services

ATIS 5G Supply Chain Standard: Creating the Foundation for Assured 5G Networks

ATIS: A Critical Force in Shaping 5G to Meet Service Providers’ Market Needs

Big Data Analytics Focus Group: BDA Data Value Chain Reference Model & Use Cases

Calling Party Spoofing Mechanisms and Mitigation Techniques

Cloud Services Impacts on Lawful Interception Study

Collaborative DevSecOps in a Service Provider Environment

Content Classification for Traffic Optimization

Context-Aware Identity Management Framework

Cybersecurity Architectural Risk Analysis Process

Data Sharing Framework for Smart Cities

Deployment and Operational Requirements of 5G Non-Public Networks

Developing a Roadmap for the Migration of Public Safety Applications during the All IP Transition

Developing Calling Party Spoofing Mitigation Techniques: ATIS’ Role

Emerging Opportunities for Leveraging Network Intelligence

Enhanced Zero Trust and 5G

Enhancing Telecom Security through Self-Sovereign Identity: A Solution to SIM Swap Fraud

Enterprise Identity Distributed Ledger Network: Providing Enterprise and Telephone Number Allocation Authentication for Originating Service Provider SHAKEN Attestation

Enterprise Identity on Distributed Ledger for Authenticated Caller Use Cases

Errata to Technical Report on Operational and Management Considerations for SHAKEN STI Certification Authorities and Policy Administrators

Evolution to an Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Network

Evolution to Content Optimized Networks

Evolution to Content Optimized Networks, Issue 2

Feasibility Study for Earthquake Early Warning System

Feasibility Study for LTE WEA Message Length

Feasibility Study for WEA Cell Broadcast Geo-Targeting

Feasibility Study for WEA Supplemental Text

Future Network-Enabled Marketplace

Future of Voice Architecture

GPS Vulnerability (ATIS-0900005)

Implications of Entropy on Symmetric Key Encryption Resilience to Quantum

Improving Vehicle Cybersecurity: ICT Industry Experience and Perspectives

Intelligent Programmatic Peering Summary Report

Interoperability Standards Between Next Generation Networks (NGN) for Signature-Based Handling of Asserted information Using Tokens (SHAKEN) (ATIS-0300116)

IOT Categorization: Exploring the Need for Standardizing Additional Network Slices

IP Services Interconnect Technical Report: Assessment of Requirements and Specifications

Joint ATIS/SIP Forum Technical Report - IP Interconnection Routing (ATIS-1000062)

Joint ATIS/SIP Forum Technical Report - IP NNI Profile (ATIS-1000063)

Multi-Network Enterprise Solutions

Neutral Host Solutions for 5G Multi-Operator Deployments in Managed Spaces

NFV Forum Use Cases

NFV Infrastructure Metrics for Monitoring Virtualized Network Deployments

Operational Opportunities and Challenges of SDN/NFV Programmable Infrastructure

Optimizing User Experience in 5G

Preparing Communications Networks for the Quantum Future

PSTN Transition Focus Group Assessment and Recommendations

Reliability Implications of Emerging Technologies/Services

Robocalling and Communication ID Spoofing: Better Understanding Illicit and Unwanted Calls and How to Counter Them

Securing Internet of Things (IoT) Services Involving Network Operators

Self-Sovereign Identity in Telecommunications Services

Signature-Based Handling of Asserted Information Using toKENs (SHAKEN) (ATIS-1000074-E)

Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs (SHAKEN): Governance Model and Certificate Management (ATIS-1000080.v002)

Smart Cities Data Catalog Specification

Smart Cities Technology Roadmap

Smart City Data Governance Policies

Strategic Framework for Crypto Agility and Quantum Risk Assessment

Subscriptionless Devices and Services

Support for UAV Communications in 3GPP Cellular Standards

Technical Impacts of DNS Privacy and Security on Network Service Scenarios

Technical Report on a Framework for Display of Verified Caller ID (ATIS-1000081)

Technical Report on a Nationwide Number Portability Study (ATIS-1000071)

Technical Report on Assessment of Nationwide Number Portability (ATIS-1000083)

Technical Report on SHAKEN APIs for a Centralized Signing and Signature Validation Server (ATIS-1000082)

Testbeds Focus Group – Test Plans and Observed Results

Testbeds Landscape Team Assessment and Next Steps, Version 2

The Interoperability Enabler for the Entire M2M and IoT Ecosystem

Trust and Identity (T&I) Focus Group White Paper

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Utilization of Cellular Services: Enabling Scalable and Safe Operation

Use of Cellular Communications to Support Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Flight Operations

Use of UAVs for Restoring Communications in Emergency Situations