Mike Nawrocki, ATIS


Context-Aware Identity Management

ATIS’ initiative on Context-Aware Identity Management (CaIdM) is helping service providers leverage the vast wealth of context-aware information the network now delivers to make identifying users and devices — as well as granting them access to authorized services — easier and more secure. The work will advance the solutions needed to apply contextual information to create a highly robust set of IdM solutions that could leverage situational awareness factors, such as location, proximity to other users or devices, environmental data or user characteristics.

There are a broad range of approaches to IdM across the ICT sector and the many vertical industries that are expected to intersect with ICT in the future. This ATIS initiative specifically explores the dynamic area of context aware IdM to (1) identify next-gen context-aware attributes that can contribute to IdM, (2) develop a framework that applies contextual awareness to IdM in the ICT (and across industries); (3) discern the key benefits and complements to current methods, and identify the evolutionary path(s) from current IdM approaches; and (4) determine what standards and collaborative activities will help advance CaIdM capabilities. The goal is to not only spur innovation in identity management, but also to learn how context-based identity can be enhanced by factors including analytics and artificial intelligence.