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ATIS’ Next G Alliance Maps the Spectrum Needs for the 6G Future

ATIS’ Next G Alliance Maps the Spectrum Needs for the 6G Future

ATIS’ Next G Alliance (NGA) today announced publication of Spectrum Needs for 6G, which assesses 6G spectrum needs based on scenario-specific key performance indicators and application-specific technical performance requirements.

The methodology used for estimating spectrum needs is based on the data rate requirements of 6G applications, with an emphasis on North American context and needs. The applications considered reflect the NGA’s collective efforts in establishing a comprehensive 6G roadmap.

“Proactively understanding next G spectrum needs and planning for them is essential to U.S. leadership in critical and emerging technologies,” said Next G Alliance Managing Director, David Young. “Decisions about the use of spectrum depend on multiple aspects and require time to be implemented. This paper achieves an understanding of 6G spectrum needs so that these needs are considered in the development of data-driven policies, regulatory decisions, and technical solutions.”

“Spectrum is the lifeblood for all commercial mobile broadband,” stated Andrew Thiessen (MITRE), Chair, Next G Alliance Spectrum Working Group. “Absent available spectrum, the ability for countries to continue to move towards ubiquitous connectivity is stymied. This document offers a comprehensive first take at what spectrum will be needed as 6G development begins in earnest.”

Access Spectrum Needs for 6G and the many Next G Alliance resources that are charting the course to North American leadership in the 6G future in the 6G Library.

Marcella Wolfe, Manager – Public Relations and Marketing Communications, ATIS