Denis Niles

Denis Niles currently leads TELUS’ 4G LTE & 5G wireless lab and field testing for drones and Unmanned aircraft Traffic Management (UTM) systems to enable Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone deployments for commercial use. He is part of the Canadian Regulatory Action Team that is tasked with developing the rules, policies and regulations for NAV & Transport Canada towards enabling secure & safe drone flights in Canadian airspace. Denis also works as part of ATIS’ Connected Vehicle Cybersecurity Ad Hoc, which is developing a new Vehicle OEM cybersecurity architecture, entitled the Collaborative Cybersecurity Framework. At the global level, he is part of the new ITU Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous & Assisted Driving with the goal of significantly reducing traffic deaths globally through the use of AI in autonomous vehicles. Denis has previously worked at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in network engineering, Nortel Networks within Optical R&D, as well as several technology start-ups.