ATIS Editorial Guide

Technical Editor Resources

ATIS’ goal is to provide clear, precise, and well-structured documents for use by ATIS Members and the public in a timely fashion.

Technical Editors and Issue Champions within ATIS’ Forums have an invaluable role in the document creation process. The overall publications process itself has been focused and streamlined, so that Technical Editors need only to concentrate on the most fundamental requirements of ATIS Standards creation in order to ensure the speediest turnaround from document approval to final publication. This webpage provides ATIS Technical Editors with downloadable resources to aid their work.

With the increasing amount of documents being produced across the organization, a few measures, taken early in a document’s creation, can smooth the editorial process, resulting in greater efficiency in the time-to-market of the output of ATIS’ Forums.

The editorial process is in constant refinement. Suggestions for improving the editorial process — or the documents we produce — are always welcome. For additional information, please contact


The new ATIS Document Template is a true Microsoft word template (DOT/DOTX file), which can be opened with a single click and contains our simplified formatting styles. We encourage you to start using this new template, and provide us with any feedback you may have.