SYNC Service Provider Group (SSP)


The ATIS SYNC Service Provider (SSP) Group is a forum for service providers to exchange information and to discuss technical issues when applying timing and synchronization standards across various technologies with a view to promoting interoperability. If desired, the SSP Group may communicate agreed upon technical issues to ATIS SYNC for further study and consideration.


Open to ATIS member and non-member communications service providers. ATIS members are eligible as part of their membership privileges; non-members will pay a nominal annual fee ($500) and agree to abide by ATIS’ Operating Procedures.

Process to Conduct Business

Information exchange will be conducted through the ATIS Workspace, a Knowledge Management System. An annual face-to-face meeting is planned concurrent with the Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems (WSTS) – if requested, remote access will be provided.


Please complete the following membership participation form by filling out the fields below and clicking submit. An ATIS staff member will contact you directly regarding your participation. Fields marked with an ” * ” are required fields.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Rich Moran at

Primary SYNC Representative

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By submitting this application, applicant agrees that, upon approval of participation in SYNC, it will abide by the ATIS Operating Procedures and support SYNC through participation.