Iain Sharp, ATIS
Demetrius Davis, MITRE


5G Secure Profile

ATIS and MITRE Corporation’s 5G Secure Profile Working Group was launched to bring industry and government leaders together to develop a standardized set of above-baseline security measures and configurations. Government agencies and enterprises alike are eager to adopt transformative 5G technologies. To advance these efforts, creating enhanced security use cases is critical, but gaps exist between organizations’ mandatory security policies and the baseline security features implemented in commercial 5G solutions and service offerings. Early adopters of 5G have, in some cases, remedied this situation with a custom 5G network deployment tailored to address unique organizational or mission critical security requirements.

As a primary objective the SPWG will define and prioritize identified security gaps and produce secure profiles for use by both public and private sector stakeholders. These 5G “secure profiles” may be applied as standardized, above-baseline security measures by the5G mobile industry. Each profile will be tailored to a specific high-assurance use case or security requirement(s) and may potentially make “optional” 3GPP security features “mandatory” for those use cases.