Carroll Gray-Preston, ATIS
Ian Deakin, ATIS


Distributed Ledger Technology


The ATIS Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) initiative was initiated to validate key aspects of DLT as it applies to real-world challenges facing today’s communications industry. From a number of potential use cases, one was selected for a more in-depth analysis and proof of concept. The Enterprise Identity Network use case addresses current challenges differentiating robocalls from legitimate calls placed by enterprises.

ATIS Enterprise Identity Network

Leveraging DLT to deliver value to ICT industry stakeholders.

The ATIS Enterprise Identity Network provides an authoritative source of know-your-customer (KYC) vetted and trusted Enterprise Identities. Once a vetted enterprise has a digital identity on the distributed ledger, it can request the allocation of a TN from a TN provider indicating the purpose and intended use of the number. This way, all stakeholders connected to the ATIS Enterprise Identity Network instantly know who has the authoritative right to place calls using a TN and for what purpose. This solution elevates what a “trusted” TN means for all stakeholders and helps consumers differentiate between trusted enterprise calls versus spoofed and illegal robocalls.

See how DLT brings value to stakeholders of the Enterprise Identity Network.

Video: ATIS Enterprise Identity – Stakeholder Benefits

Interworking with STIR/SHAKEN

DLT and its cryptographic principles provide a KYC-verified enterprise identity for all communications service providers to use to attest originating TNs to overcome many complex call scenarios. The ATIS Enterprise Identity Network authentication process could enhance the capability for STIR/SHAKEN attestation for enterprise calls. This incorporates ATIS’ Enterprise Identity Network as part of the many solutions ATIS is developing to mitigate illegal robocalling.

See how the ATIS Enterprise Identity Network uses DLT to enhance STIR/SHAKEN.

Video: ATIS Enterprise Identity Network Using DLT – How It Works

For more details on the ATIS Enterprise Identity Network read the ATIS white paper Enterprise Identity on Distributed Ledger for Authenticated Caller Use Cases (ATIS-1-0000076).