Iain Sharp
Principal Technologist, ATIS


DNS Privacy, Security and Services

Domain Name System (DNS) is a critical Internet service that resolves human readable domain names to IP addresses. Almost all web traffic and other Internet applications rely on DNS to allow the client to find the required server. Currently a large majority (approximately 80%) of DNS queries are handled by the user’s Internet Service Provider (ISP). This allows ISPs to use DNS to fulfill operational needs and offer services.

This working group addresses the technical challenges and the opportunities that could be created from the recent IETF standardization of the use of encrypted DNS: DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT), which may be implemented by browsers and mobile operating systems in a way that could dramatically change the Internet architecture and have marked impacts on important DNS-based features.

The goals of the working group include:

  • Study scenarios to produce a technical report on approaches to improving the security, privacy and performance of carrier DNS.
  • Prepare technical information for communication to interested parties including in to any policy-making activities that may arise.
  • Developing coordinated member input to the Encrypted DNS Deployment Initiative (EDDI)