September 2021

Get Involved with ATIS Committees

New participation in ATIS Committees is always welcome. If you or anyone you know would be interested in getting involved with the work outlined in this Report, please contact Rich Moran, ATIS Membership Director.

Committee Reports

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  • NGIIF: Next Generation Interconnection Interoperability Forum
  • PTSC: Packet Technologies and Systems Committee
  • WTSC: Wireless Technologies and Systems Committee


  • New Issue: Business, operational, or technical needs that a committee has reached consensus to address.
  • Issue in Initial Closure: Issues for which a committee has reached consensus on a proposed resolution. The industry has a 21 calendar day period to review and comment on the consensus resolution developed by the committee. The committee's consensus resolution concludes its work on an issue unless new or substantive information is brought forth. During the 21 day review period, comments on a consensus resolution may be provided to the committee contact and committee leaders.
  • Issue in Initial Pending: Issues previously in Initial Closure for which new and substantive information impacting the consensus resolution has been received. An issue may also be in Initial Pending if output that may impact the consensus resolution is expected from another industry group, regulatory body or similar organization.
  • Issue in Final Closure: Issues for which work is completed and the resolution accepted by the industry.

Recently Approved ATIS Standards


    • Document Number: ATIS-0300106(2021-09)
    • Title: Overview and Operational Considerations Related to the Application of Information Spoofing Mitigation Techniques to 9-1-1 and Callback Calls in an End-State NG9-1-1 Environment
    • Type: Revision
    • View Here


    • Document Number: ATIS-04000-0064-ATIS-0404028-0064
    • Title: Access Service Request (ASR) Guidelines Version 64
    • Type: Revision
    • View Here
    • Document Number: ATIS 0404110-0039
    • Title: Unified Ordering Model - Access Service Request (UOM-ASR) Volume I
    • Type: Revision
    • View Here
    • Document Number: ATIS 0410002-0039
    • Title: Unified Ordering Model (UOM) Volume II – Analysis - For Access Service Ordering Guidelines (ASOG)
    • Type: Revision
    • View Here
    • Document Number: ATIS 0410003-0039
    • Title: Unified Ordering Model (UOM) - Volume III – Design - For Access Service Ordering Guidelines (ASOG)
    • Type: Revision
    • View Here


    • Document Number: ATIS-1000078
    • Title: National Security / Emergency Preparedness Priority Service Session Initiation Protocol Resource-Priority Header (SIP RPH) Signing and Verification using PASSporTs
    • Type: New
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    • Document Number: ATIS-I-0000087
    • Title: ATIS 5G Supply Chain Standard: Creating the Foundation for Assured 5G Networks
    • Type: New
    • View Here

Recent Policy Filings


    • Date: 9/17/21
    • Description: Comments response to the Maine Public Utilities Commission Petition to direct the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) to report on technical, operational, and cost requirements associated with an individual telephone number (ITN) pooling trial.
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