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ATIS Advances ICT Industry Cybersecurity With Publication of Two New Resources

ATIS Advances ICT Industry Cybersecurity With Publication of Two New Resources

WASHINGTON — July 18, 2017 —  ATIS today announced publication of two major industry resources to secure critical network infrastructure against growing and evolving cyber threats: (1) Cybersecurity Architectural Risk Analysis Process (ATIS-I-0000057); and (2) Securing Internet of Things (IoT) Services Involving Network Operators (ATIS-I-0000056).

Proactive mitigation steps to address cybersecurity attacks are addressed in the Cybersecurity Architectural Risk Analysis Process, in addition to procedures to determine security goals and identify and assess potential risks.  Industry best practices underlie many of the steps included. The document includes an example of how the Architectural Risk Analysis is used for a hypothetical health monitoring device and associated services delivered in an ICT service-provider-managed context.

Securing Internet of Things (IoT) Services Involving Network Operators focuses on the security concerns associated with the rapid growth in IoT services.  ATIS’ work is geared toward protecting IoT services and preventing IoT equipment from becoming a source of attacks against other service users. The white paper characterizes the different levels of partnering possible between network operators and IoT service providers. Practices to proactively address security implications in each are provided.

“These two new documents will help service providers adopt a more proactive approach to cybersecurity by offering a systematic process to identify and address vulnerabilities at the service design stage,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “IoT cybersecurity, in particular, requires collaboration between device and network providers.  These resources advance this dialog.”

Access the Cybersecurity Architectural Risk Analysis Process and Securing Internet of Things (IoT) Services Involving Network Operators in the ATIS Document Center your leading resource for technical operations standards for the global ICT industry that are produced by ATIS Committees and Forums.

Marcella Wolfe, Manager – Public Relations and Marketing Communications, ATIS