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ATIS Advances Integration of Satellite Non-Terrestrial Network into 5G Ecosystem

ATIS Advances Integration of Satellite Non-Terrestrial Network into 5G Ecosystem

WASHINGTON, DC – ATIS today announced the launch of the Non-Terrestrial Networks 5G Integration Working Group (NTN 5G WG) that will drive the creation of normative standards for satellite NTNs in 5G. The initiative brings together satellite operators and other organizations specifically to develop and coordinate technical positions and create aligned contributions to advance support of NTNs in 3GPP 5G standards.

“Satellites maximize the inherent value of 5G networks by solving coverage problems and difficult use cases that ground-based infrastructure alone cannot address,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “5G standards make NTNs, including satellite segments, a recognized part of 5G connectivity infrastructure. This new ATIS Working Group is advancing the work needed to ensure that satellite systems are integrated as an intrinsic part of the 5G ecosystem.”

The NTN 5G WG is chaired by Intelsat, a leading provider of satellite communication services. The WG’s priorities and use cases will be driven by satellite operators’ needs, while ensuring that mobile network operators and others can seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate with satellite systems.

“The integration of space and terrestrial networks will enable a future where global communications and connectivity are seamless and ubiquitous,” said Intelsat’s Vice President of Innovation Mohammad Marashi. “This integration will help reduce the digital divide, expand service offerings in existing verticals and create entirely new, global market segments. Throughout our 55-year history, Intelsat has championed many industry standards that make it easier to connect networks and people all over the world. We’re delighted to chair the ATIS NTN 5G Integration Working Group and look forward to collaborating with our satellite and terrestrial ecosystem partners on driving these important standards forward.”

The NTN 5G WG will generate aligned technical proposals between the satellite community and major terrestrial 3GPP ecosystem contributors. The ultimate goal is to ensure an end-to-end standard in the Release 17 timeframe (architecture freeze: Q3 2020).

The WG invites satellite operators, satellite suppliers, major RAN suppliers active in 3GPP, chipset vendors, and terrestrial operators (e.g. for 3GPP priority setting) to participate. To join, contact Rich Moran, Director – Membership, ATIS. Learn more about the NTN 5G WG.

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