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ATIS Hosts 3GPP Meetings in Chicago

ATIS Hosts 3GPP Meetings in Chicago

Hosting this major international meeting holds strategic significance for North America.

WASHINGTON, DC – ATIS, the North American Organizational Partner of 3GPP, today announced it will host the 3GPP Working Group meetings in Chicago on November 13-17. 3GPP is a global forum where the leading wireless experts in the information and communications telecommunications industry convene to shape the industry’s future. 3GPP develops the international mobile specifications that advance the world’s ability to communicate, delivering societal and economic opportunities.

Hosting the 3GPP meetings in Chicago conveys an important message of North America’s leadership and commitment to wireless technology. It demonstrates the United States’ investment in the value of global wireless standardization while expanding the opportunity for small and mid-sized companies to participate in 3GPP face-to-face meetings without international travel. More than 2,000 wireless experts are anticipated to attend the Chicago meetings.

“The work and the decisions that take place in 3GPP meetings have significant impact on the wireless industry globally,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “We believe in the value of bringing the 3GPP meetings to North America to showcase the importance of this region’s commitment to advancing wireless innovation.”

Since its inception, 3GPP has successfully delivered on the promise of wireless communications. The 5G era has brought increased interest in the project, with 3GPP growing and adapting to meet the demands of more sectors and new services. The organization’s consensus-based process delivers the critical technical specifications that provide a complete system description for the mobile networks that billions of users depend on. Leading global engineers representing virtually every industry related to communications will gather in Chicago at the Working Group Meetings. Specifically, SA (Service and System Aspects), CT (Core Network and Terminals), and RAN (Radio Access Network) groups will meet as they meet critical milestones to achieve important goals in the completion of Release 18 specifications.

Release 18 will bring the latest technologies to enhance the fundamentals of 5G and 5G Advanced in areas including radio link performance, energy efficiency and deployment options for network operators. The meeting is planned to complete the technical work to allow the architectural aspects of Release 18 to be functionally frozen. The functional freeze will define the contents of Release 18 and provide a stable platform for 3GPP to complete the Release’s full technical specification. Release 18 will bring service enhancements for important application areas including enterprise applications, connected cars, IoT, satellite, UAVs, and VR/XR.

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Marcella Wolfe, Manager – Public Relations and Marketing Communications, ATIS