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ATIS’ Next G Alliance Advances Two “Audacious Goals” to Map the 6G Future

ATIS’ Next G Alliance Advances Two “Audacious Goals” to Map the 6G Future

Two new reports advance understanding of the distributed cloud and communications systems as well as trust, security and resilience for 6G systems.

ATIS’ Next G Alliance (NGA) today announced release of two new reports: 6G Distributed Cloud and Communications Systems and Trust, Security and Resilience for 6G Systems. These reports advance two of the “Six Audacious Goals” that are the foundation of the NGA’s 6G Vision as set forth in its Roadmap to 6G.

6G Distributed Cloud and Communications Systems overviews the distributed cloud and communications system from the perspectives of design goals, driving forces, challenges, research directions and the path to realization. The intent is to spark research and design discussions to realize the NGA’s audacious goal for distributed cloud and communications system. This new report advances goals to make 6G systems a wide-area cloud with ubiquitous computing and workload distribution across devices, network nodes and data centers.

Trust, Security and Resilience for 6G Systems. There is an imminent need to eliminate all single points of failure and to architect a network based on zero-trust principles to provide users high levels of reliability along with attention to availability, functional safety and privacy. 6G technologies will accommodate these needs more effectively, even as the industry continues to innovate on standalone 5G systems to meet immediate concerns associated with earlier design choices.  This new report presents five research directions to aid in establishing trust, security and resilience for 6G systems: Security Assurance and Defense, Confidential Computing, Secure Identities and Protocols, Service Availability and Post-Quantum Cryptography.

“These reports are the first two to advance the Next G Alliance’s Audacious Goals to establish North American 6G leadership,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “The goals specifically address the top priorities for North America’s contribution to future 6G-related global standards, deployments, products, operations and services.”

“I am excited to see the two papers on the NGA’s audacious goals titled ‘Trust, Security and Resilience’ and ‘6G Distributed Cloud and Communication Systems’ being published as scheduled,” said Nokia Bell Labs Fellow and National 6G Roadmap Working Group Chair Amitava Ghosh. “With 6G, digital world experiences will be enhanced utilizing the internet of senses and extended reality capabilities and that will require new level of Trust Security and Resilience. The first paper provides insight into these areas. The second paper, “6G Distributed Cloud and Communications System,” is a step toward converged communication and computing system capabilities beyond what has been achieved leveraging network cloudification and edge computing.”

Access 6G Distributed Cloud and Communication Systems as well as Trust, Security and Resilience.

Marcella Wolfe, Manager – Public Relations and Marketing Communications, ATIS