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ATIS’ Next G Alliance Maps the Future of 6G Management and Orchestration

ATIS’ Next G Alliance Maps the Future of 6G Management and Orchestration

ATIS’ Next G Alliance today announced publication of its 6G Management and Orchestration (M&O) report. It provides an in-depth analysis of the key aspects and challenges to enable the intelligent and autonomous M&O necessary to achieve a cognitive, energy-efficient, secure, robust, and resilient converged communication-computing 6G system.

6G systems are expected to address a wider range of use cases and markets than previous generations. This flexibility and capability come at the cost of increasing the number of features, greater programmability, and more dynamic configurability. This means M&O must expand and diversify to ensure that the system operates efficiently and reliably, while at the same time meeting the performance and regulatory requirements of a varied and dynamic environment.

“The new capabilities 6G will spur create growing system-wide complexity and increasing levels of interactions and interdependence,” said Next G Alliance Managing Director David Young. “This report makes a major contribution toward understanding these issues through a service framework that embraces AI/ML technologies, data management, cloud system M&O, system digitalization, and knowledge management.”

“Although it is not yet clear exactly what a 6G system will be, we know that it will be more flexible and dynamic than 5G,” said Stephen Hayes (Ericsson), Vice Chair, Next G Alliance Technology Working Group. “Management and Orchestration represent the first line of defense in managing this complexity.  This report investigates key issues that must be addressed to ensure that 6G Management and Orchestration can efficiently and securely control the system.”

Access the Next G Alliance Report: Manageent and Orchestration and the many Next G Alliance resources that are charting the course to North American leadership in the 6G future in the 6G Library.

Marcella Wolfe, Manager – Public Relations and Marketing Communications, ATIS