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ATIS’ Next G Alliance Sets Forth KPIs Needed to Measure the Sustainability Metrics for Future 6G Networks

ATIS’ Next G Alliance Sets Forth KPIs Needed to Measure the Sustainability Metrics for Future 6G Networks

New industry resource helps ICT companies advance on the path to a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly 6G — and minimize the environmental impact of all future generations of wireless.

ATIS’ Next G Alliance (NGA) today announced publication of a new report 6G Sustainability KPI Assessment – Introduction and Gap Analysis. The report delivers insight into the scope of key performance indicators (KPIs) required to measure the environmental sustainability metrics for future 6G networks.

The goal is to provide an overview of available sustainability KPIs for the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry and their applicability to the 6G ecosystem components. These components include the radio access network (RAN), core network, cloud and edge data centers, the end-user communications devices and supply chain and manufacturing. This paper also identifies areas of potential research to develop a harmonized set of sustainability KPIs for benchmarking 6G ecosystem components.

“This NGA Assessment provides ICT organizations with critical tools to advance both their sustainability efforts and their business models through measuring, benchmarking and evaluating sustainability efforts and their efficacy,” said Next G Alliance Managing Director Mike Nawrocki. “Beyond their value to the ICT industry, the report’s insights have far-reaching implications. Next-generation mobile networks will also be major sustainability enablers helping other industries and verticals achieve their own sustainability objectives.”

“Addressing climate change and meeting environmental sustainability goals are global challenges,” said Bhushan Joshi (Ericsson), Chair of the Next G Alliance Green G Working Group. “As an industry we are committed to a science-based approach to reach Net Zero emissions by 2050 at the latest. This report created through extensive collaboration from members of the NGA Green G Working Group serves as a crucial first step in creating a set of operational key performance indicators for ICT organizations to manage carbon emission reduction and environmental sustainability programs.”

Following this initial report, the NGA Green G Working Group will delve deeper into specific sustainability metrics for end communications devices, the RAN, the core network and cloud and edge compute infrastructures. Additional focused reports will be forthcoming in 2023.

Access: 6G Sustainability KPI Assessment – Introduction and Gap Analysis and all NGA publications in the Next G Alliance 6G Library.

Marcella Wolfe, Manager – Public Relations and Marketing Communications, ATIS