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ATIS’ Next G Alliance Takes a Futuristic Look at 6G Applications

ATIS’ Next G Alliance Takes a Futuristic Look at 6G Applications

Washington – Advancing the foundation for North American leadership in 6G and beyond, ATIS’ Next G Alliance today released a report presenting the use cases and applications for the future 6G network.

The Next G Alliance Report: 6G Applications and Use Cases examines the drivers of future applications that have the potential to shape development of next generation mobile communication technologies. The report shows how new applications, many of which are still being envisioned, will impact virtually all aspects of society and industry to improve the way we live and work — and expand global markets for North American innovation.

“By taking a proactive view of 6G applications and their potential, the Next G Alliance is developing the North American perspective on what is required to fuel the success of a host of applications that will shape the 6G future,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “The goal is to foster innovation so that emerging applications can drive the evolution of the 6G network.”

Four categories of use cases are presented in the report: Network-Enabled Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Multi-Sensory Extended Reality, Distributed Sensing and Communications and Personalized User Experiences. Requirements and characteristics of use cases for these categories are included.

These future applications are integrated into the “Six Audacious Goals” published in February 2022 in the Next G Alliance Report:  Roadmap to 6G. The goals cover: trust, security and resilience; an enhanced digital world experience; cost-efficient solutions to span all aspects of the network architecture; distributed cloud and communications systems; an AI-native network; sustainability related to energy efficiency and the environment at the forefront of decisions throughout the life cycle.

“We are excited to publish the first version of the Next G Alliance Report: 6G Applications and Use Cases,” said Ki-Dong Lee, Assistant VP, LG Electronics USA, and Chair of the Next G Alliance Applications Working Group.  “Aligned with the Next G Alliance’s Six Audacious Goals, this report is the product of significant efforts from the Applications Working Group leadership team and its members. It delivers forward-looking ideas addressing the four foundational use case areas, largely based on in-depth consideration of current and past generations of mobile services and market trends. The result is high-level insight into how human-centric 6G services could help improve the quality of everyday life.”

Access the Next G Alliance Report: 6G Applications and Use Cases.

Marcella Wolfe, Manager – Public Relations and Marketing Communications, ATIS