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ATIS Reference Framework Advances Service Provider Adoption of Network Virtualization Technologies

ATIS Reference Framework Advances Service Provider Adoption of Network Virtualization Technologies

WASHINGTON  —  A new ATIS report provides insight into how examining the right metrics/key performance indicators (KPIs) can help communications service providers more effectively put advanced network virtualization technologies into action in the network. Use of innovations such as network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) is accelerating. This is helping service providers more efficiently deploy a range of network functions and applications across cloud, mobility, enterprise, as well as core and edge network services. Addressing compute, network and storage metrics, NFV Infrastructure Metrics for Virtualized Network Deployments is an ideal reference for service providers who want to deploy and efficiently manage virtualized solutions.

In making networks more “virtual,” service providers have many potential suppliers of NFV infrastructure components as well as virtual network functions to choose from, and have great flexibility in configuring and scaling their components for best performance. With so many options, service providers must ensure that their infrastructure is correctly dimensioned and that resources are matched to meet the performance requirements of the many services they are delivering. The reference framework ATIS sets forth offers an overview of existing performance metrics/KPIs to assist in dimensioning the NFV infrastructure to meet the needs of the specific NFV applications it supports.

“NFV and SDN are delivering service providers an opportunity for great gains in terms of time-to-market flexibility and agility when it comes to service delivery,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller.  “In this report, ATIS shows how service providers can more readily achieve these gains by ensuring visibility into real-time metrics key to managing their virtualized network deployments.”

Access NFV Infrastructure Metrics for Virtualized Network Deployments in the ATIS White Paper Center.

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