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Gain Insight into Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability in 6G: Attend the Next G Alliance Webinar

Gain Insight into Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability in 6G: Attend the Next G Alliance Webinar

THE EVENT: ATIS’ Next G Alliance (NGA) presents the webinar Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability in 6G on May 9, from 1:00 – 2:30 ET. View the full agenda and register.

BACKGROUND: Social, economic and environmental sustainability goals are central to the NGA’s vision to establish North American leadership in next generation communication technologies. This webinar offers insight into what it will take to integrate comprehensive sustainability into the 6G world — and how this will drive North American leadership in the 6G and beyond future.  It presents:

  • Five key societal and economic outcomes necessary for 6G success: digital equity, trust, sustainability, economic growth and quality of life. Based on the white paper, Beyond Speed: Promoting Social and Economic Opportunities Through 6G and Beyond, now being developed by the NGA Societal and Economic Needs Working Group.
  • Environmental sustainability KPIs and their applicability to 6G ecosystem components including the Radio Access Network (RAN), Core Network (CN), cloud and data centers, end-user devices and supply chain to manage progress towards achieving Net Zero. Based on the paper Sustainability KPI Assessment – Introduction and Gap Analysis developed by the NGA Green G Working Group.

Evolving mobile communication networks and ICT technologies are transforming the way societies work, play and live. 6G will only accelerate this transformation. Attend the webinar to learn what environmental, economic and societal sustainability will look like in 6G and beyond.


Challenges in achieving environmentally, economically and socially sustainable 6G Panel Discussion and Q&A: 


Carsten Baumann, Director and Solution Architect, Schneider Electric

Gagandeep Bhatti, Senior Standardization Specialist 5G-Advanced and 6G, Nokia

Dr. Mimi Tam, Senior Director of Engineering, Cradlepoint, an Ericsson company

Dr. Simone Merlin, Principal Systems Engineer and Manager, Qualcomm


Sarah LaSelva, Director of 6G Marketing, Keysight

Call to Action and Closing Remarks: ATIS’ NGA Green G and Social and Economic Needs Working Group Leadership Teams


Marcella Wolfe, Manager – Public Relations and Marketing Communications, ATIS