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New ATIS Report Helps to Better Understand the IoT From a Network Perspective

New ATIS Report Helps to Better Understand the IoT From a Network Perspective

WASHINGTON, DC — The burgeoning growth in the IoT ecosystem — in terms of the number of connected devices globally and total spending on end-point devices and services — is driving a wide range of new uses as well as requirements on network infrastructure. A new ATIS report IoT Categorization: Exploring the Need for Standardizing Additional Network Slices examines the topic of network slicing, which is one way to help network operators enable the services of a diverse range of vertical applications in a guaranteed way on the same network.

“ATIS’ latest report is timely.” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller “With an upsurge in IoT-connected devices, networks will need to handle a diverse set of use cases across different industry verticals – from smart cities and automotive to healthcare, transportation, and industrial automation, to name a few.”

These applications will require the underlying network infrastructure to meet a variety of different functionality and performance requirements. With network slicing, network functions and resources that are specifically tailored to a vertical market’s requirements are logically isolated, creating multiple virtual networks on top of a common shared physical infrastructure.

Some applications, for example, such as ultra-high definition video and augmented reality require high-speed, high-capacity communications yet are generally capable of handling medium to high latencies. Others, such as autonomous vehicles, absolutely require ultra-low latency, ultra-reliable services to guarantee road safety. Through network slicing, operators can allocate their network resources based on a precise set of performance requirements.

Access IoT Categorization: Exploring the Need for Additional Standardized Network Slices at no charge in the ATIS White Paper Center.

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