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New ATIS Standard Specifies Mobile Device Behavior for Real-Time Texting

New ATIS Standard Specifies Mobile Device Behavior for Real-Time Texting

WASHINGTON — March 13, 2017 —  ATIS today announced release of a new specification that standardizes mobile device behavior for handling Real Time Text (RTT) in the IP environment, a solution favored by the disability community, including deaf and hard of hearing individuals, as a viable replacement for teletypewriter or text telephony (TTY). Not only does the new ATIS standard, Real-Time Text Mobile Device Behavior (ATIS-0700029), allow for characters to be transmitted and displayed as they are typed, it also facilitates the use of RTT between mobile devices across multiple operators.  Through ATIS, operators have seized a major opportunity in the all-IP transition to make use of the wireless device’s internal keyboard, thus freeing users from carrying a burdensome standalone keyboard.

“The new RTT standard applies our innovative approach toward advancing the all-IP transformation to helping deaf and hard of hearing individuals communicate more easily in today’s wireless world,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller.  “It also gives operators the opportunity to more easily transition from the current TTY mandate, which evolved from a regulatory requirement for a circuit-switched environment, by instead providing the new RTT capability.”

The new RTT standard, developed with input from consumer advocates, specifies the minimum behavior of the mobile device needed for performing RTT user-to-user communication within and between VoLTE Commercial Mobile Service Providers.  Comprehensive in nature, it addresses user origination of an RTT call; user receipt of an RTT call; device configuration for the RTT capability; user device interaction among voice, video, and RTT media types; and other end-to-end considerations specific to mobile devices.

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Marcella Wolfe, Manager – Public Relations and Marketing Communications, ATIS