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New ATIS Working Group Addresses 5G Supply Chain Standards and Development of Assured Commercial 5G Networks

New ATIS Working Group Addresses 5G Supply Chain Standards and Development of Assured Commercial 5G Networks

WASHINGTON, DC — ATIS today announced launch of a new working group to extend the development of 5G best practices and guidelines for the purpose of creating supply chain standards that can be operationalized in the public and private sectors.

“5G services and solutions will be deeply integrated into the next generation of networks and services and ATIS has developed many of the standards that are setting the 5G network into action,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “Our organization is uniquely positioned to lead this initiative to apply Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) principles in the development of supply chain standards for trusted 5G networks and services. We look forward to working with the Department of Defense, other government agencies, and leading industry partners to achieve this goal.”

“DoD sees 5G as more than a faster wireless network. The 5G era will introduce new technologies, players and risks at a rate that far outpaces our current SCRM policies and practices,” said Fred Moorefield, Jr., DoD Deputy Chief Information Officer for Command, Control, and Communications. “With many of our missions demanding high levels of assurance, DoD advocates for a common way forward that will not only inform key acquisition and infrastructure investment decisions but will also adapt to the ever-changing landscape of next-generation technologies, global suppliers and organizational priorities. The timing of this effort is significant. We envision this work helping to ignite 5G and IoT adoption across DoD and the rest of the federal government. We look forward to partnering with ATIS and our industry partners and getting started on this critical path activity.”

Among other things, the 5G Supply Chain Working Group will work to establish “assured” commercial 5G networks; develop or identify standards to be applied to 5G systems; and evaluate audit/certification options for ICT solution providers, infrastructure, and endpoint device original equipment manufacturers. These objectives are intended to address end-to-end ICT supply chain visibility, coordination of existing supply chain management best practices, industry alignment with federal guidelines, improved threat monitoring tools, and a method to influence national/international standards development.

Learn more about the 5G Supply Chain Working Group.

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Marcella Wolfe, Manager – Public Relations and Marketing Communications, ATIS