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New Subscriptionless Devices and Service Models Generate Opportunities for Service Providers

New Subscriptionless Devices and Service Models Generate Opportunities for Service Providers

WASHINGTON — Nov. 14, 2017 —  ATIS today announced publication of a technical report that explores subscriptionless devices and services in service provider networks as well as potential new revenue and billing options these arrangements make possible. With experts predicting that approximately 30 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be connected to the Internet or to private network environments by 20201, Subscriptionless Devices and Services addresses a new need inherent in managing this burgeoning traffic. The paper specifically examines how network service providers can take better advantage of the transient revenue opportunities availed by IoT devices and applications while cost-effectively scaling the network to accommodate the potentially large number of IoT devices that require network services.

As IoT traffic grows, these devices will need the ability to clearly assert an identity that can be authenticated by the network and/or application appropriate for that device. Many applications require intermittent connection to their network of choice for occasional data without having to maintain an ongoing subscription. The device model ATIS sets forth can potentially reduce the costs and complexities associated with the billions of subscriptions for devices that attach only occasionally to service provider networks.

“ATIS’ examination of the opportunities inherent in subscriptionless devices applies not only to IoT devices, such as meters and common household applications, but also drones and enterprise services,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “Our work will contribute to advancing the ‘opening of the network’ to broaden the range of devices, authentication mechanisms and services that are possible.”

With new capabilities that the 5G network makes possible, such as network slicing, some of the subscriptionless models discussed in the paper are more naturally resistant to botnet security-related attacks and can provide an extra measure of security within the IoT context. Although this technical report considers the case for subscriptionless devices, this does not preclude the existence of a subscription with other third-party entities to facilitate proper charging and security for network services.

Access Subscriptionless Devices and Services in the ATIS White Paper Center.

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