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Two New ATIS/SIP Forum Resources Advance Industry-Led Solutions to Mitigate Unwanted Robocalling

Two New ATIS/SIP Forum Resources Advance Industry-Led Solutions to Mitigate Unwanted Robocalling

WASHINGTON, DC — ATIS and the SIP Forum today announced the release of two new technical reports advancing industry efforts to mitigate unwanted robocalling: the Technical Report on a Framework for Display of Verified Caller ID (ATIS-1000081) and the Technical Report on SHAKEN API for a Centralized Signing and Signature Validation Server (ATIS-1000082).

These two new resources further define the framework provided by the Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information using toKENs (SHAKEN) (ATIS-1000074) specification, which offers, for the first time in the network, a practical strategy to provide verified information about the calling party as well as the call’s origin. SHAKEN specifically defines a mechanism to verify a calling number and specifies how identity information will be securely transported in SIP “on the wire.”  It was developed in the ATIS/SIP Forum Joint IP-NNI Task Force.

“These two new resources are critical to helping service providers implement SHAKEN,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “They are products of ATIS’ continued collaboration with the SIP Forum and are instrumental to industry efforts to address the robocalling problem and maintain consumer trust in the voice network.”

“The SIP Forum is committed to working together with ATIS to continue to develop the operational documents for the SHAKEN Framework, and these two new reports provide important additional guidelines and details essential to the successful deployment of the SHAKEN standard,” said SIP Forum Chairman Richard Shockey.

The Technical Report on a Framework for Display of Verified Caller ID provides a framework for signaling verified Caller ID information from the network to a User Equipment (UE), and displaying the information on the UE in a uniform manner, independent of technology. The goal is to produce display guidelines that help meet the goals of regulators and consumer protection agencies for empowering consumers with simple and effective information on the displayed Caller ID. This will help consumers know if a call is from who it says it is from so they can make an informed decision on whether to answer.

The Technical Report on SHAKEN API for a Centralized Signing and Signature Validation Server provides additional detail on one possible implementation of the SHAKEN specification in service provider networks. It defines a RESTful interface (API) that can be used in the SHAKEN framework to interface with a centralized server to sign and verify telephony identity for multiple nodes within a network. Implementing SHAKEN authentication and verification functions in a centralized server that can be accessed via an API supports cloud-based implementations and is designed to enable a more cost-effective network deployment.

All SHAKEN resources are available on the ATIS website here or on the SIP Forum site here.

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