STIR/SHAKEN Webinar Series – Implementing SHAKEN: Working with a Certificate Authority


STIR/SHAKEN Webinar Series – Implementing SHAKEN: Working with a Certificate Authority

January 11, 2021

Join the Secure Telephone Identity Governance Authority (STI-GA) for the third in a series of webinars featuring industry insiders speaking about one of the voice network’s most formidable challenges.

To address the flood of illegal robocalls with spoofed numbers, the STI-GA, an industry-led body, has set up the SHAKEN ecosystem so that service providers can obtain the digital certificates they need to sign calls and authenticate caller ID in accordance with the SHAKEN standards.  The ecosystem includes a Policy Administrator (the STI-PA) and Certification Authorities (STI-CAs). 

Once a service provider has joined the ecosystem, what next? How does the service provider obtain the STI-certificate it needs to sign calls? Can I choose any CA, or are there certain approved CAs?  Can I be my own CA?  What are the costs?  This webinar, the second in a series, delivers insight into these questions.

This webinar describes the structure of the SHAKEN ecosystem and overviews the process of choosing and working with an STI-CA.  It will give service providers direction on the steps to take following registering in the ecosystem.  It also will advise them on the proper use and treatment of certificates to ensure the integrity and security of the SHAKEN ecosystem.


Erik Schetina
Crypto Security Principal Engineer & PMA Director

Erik Schetina is an experienced security professional with over thirty years in the information security field, including fourteen years in corporate information security consulting and project management, and thirteen years developing software and hardware crypto-systems for the National Security Agency.  Prior to joining iconectiv, Erik served as Program Manager for the Crash Avoidance Metrics Partnership, a consortium of automakers developing the PKI for V2X communicationsHe holds degrees from Columbia University and The Johns Hopkins University in electrical engineering, has authored numerous technical reference books and trade articles, and has been awarded several security-related patents.

Peter BrownPeter Brown
Product Manager

Dr. Peter Brown is Product Manager for Metaswitch’s QCall STIR/SHAKEN solution, which is deployed in TNS’s Call Guardian Authentication Hub hosted service.  He has worked on communication systems at Metaswitch for over two decades, and recalls starting as a software engineer in the days of X.400 mail and X.500 directory protocols.  Most recently, he has been involved in the Enterprise Attestation subgroup within the ATIS IP-NNI Task Force.  In his spare time, he would like to be sailing from his home on the Clyde in Scotland but has had to switch to virtual regattas in the past year.

Alec Fenichel

Alec Fenichel
Senior Software Architect

Alec Fenichel is a Senior Software Architect at TransNexus in Atlanta, Georgia. He joined TransNexus in 2015 and now leads development of ClearIP, a cloud platform for STIR/SHAKEN, robocall prevention, toll fraud prevention, and least cost routing. His focus is on designing distributed microservice architectures for real time call processing. He is a frequent technical speaker on STIR/SHAKEN topics. He is an active contributor to the ATIS/SIP Forum IP-NNI Task Force and PTSC Non-IP Call Authentication Task Force. Alec is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology where he earned bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering.

Ken Politz

Principal Product Specialist

Ken has over 35 years of broad experience in high technology and communications industries, including the federal government sector.   He currently specializes in the areas of combatting illegal robocalls and deploying caller authentication technologies at Neustar, while actively participating in the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) and the Network Working Group (NTWG) in Canada.  Most recently, Ken collaborated with the Canadian Secure Token Governance Authority to successfully develop and deploy their STIR/SHAKEN governance and certificate management infrastructure in just three months.

Douglas Ranalli

NetNumber, Inc.

Douglas Ranalli is the Founder of NetNumber, Inc., a leading provider of signaling-control technology to the global communications industry. Mr. Ranalli is a serial entrepreneur having created three successful startup businesses in his career. Mr. Ranalli is the author of 6 communications related patents and is the subject of several case studies developed by the Harvard Business School that are utilized by MBA programs around the world. Mr. Ranalli holds an engineering degree from Cornell University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.


Brent Struthers

STI-GA Director

After leaving the radio industry behind, Brent began his career in telecom working on telephone numbering issues for the Illinois Commerce Commission. In that role, he managed the Local Number Portability Trial, the FCC’s national field trial and he also helped develop and oversee the nation’s first number pooling trial in Chicago.  Brent joined Lockheed Martin, now Neustar, in 1999 as state government liaison, serving in that role for almost 20 years.  Now working as ATIS’ STI-GA Director, Brent is solely focused on helping the industry implement SHAKEN in order to mitigate illegal robocalling and caller ID spoofing. Brent and his wife, Mercy, have been married for 23 years and have two college-aged children.