Class C Ballot

Class C Ballot (2023)

Below are the nominees for Class C Representation on the ATIS Board of Directors. The three candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be elected to two-year terms, beginning January 1, 2024, and ending December 31, 2025. A short biography of each nominee is attached to this ballot.

Please check up to three (3):

Class C Membership. The undersigned is a representative of a member of ATIS: (1) with annual operating revenue for 2022 of less than five hundred million dollars ($500 Million); and (2) that has paid its ATIS dues for 2023. The undersigned therefore is entitled to vote on the election/appointment of “Class C Directors” at the Annual Meeting of Members (the “Meeting”) scheduled to be held on November 2, 2023, and at any adjournment(s) thereof.

Proxies. The undersigned hereby appoints Susan Miller, ATIS President and CEO, or the person indicated below and each of them individually, proxies, with full power of substitution, to vote on behalf of the undersigned at the Meeting and at any adjournments thereof, upon all subjects that may properly come before the Meeting and any adjournments thereof. The proxies will vote “FOR” the election of all nominees as Directors as designated on the above ballot.

You may complete this ballot or proxy by completing this form and returning it by e-mail to Thomas Goode, ATIS General Counsel at Questions may be directed to Thomas Goode, ATIS General Counsel.

We are requesting the return of all Class C proxies and ballots by October 27, 2023, and appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.