OBF Mission

OBF resolves issues that impact ordering, billing, provisioning, and the exchange of information relating to interconnection services and other connectivity between telecommunications providers and customers. OBF is responsible for the development of specifications to enable automated exchange of information needed to support Local, Access, and Wireless service ordering, along with the standards for inter-company billing and record exchange, for IP-based and TDM-based networks.


Additionally, OBF is responsible for the standards for inter-company ordering and provisioning of emerging technologies and works collaboratively with other international standards groups, such as MEF, to develop joint international standards.

OBF supports the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry by maintaining existing standards and developing new standards with other ATIS committees. This includes the augmentation of the standard development work for the PSTN to IP transition (The Packet Technologies and Systems Committee [PTSC], Telecom Management and Operations Committee [TMOC], etc.) and IP services (Cloud Services Forum [CSF], etc.), such as the development of a new billing architecture to support cloud based services.

OBF works collaboratively with other national industry working groups to develop standards addressing FCC mandates, such as the Local Numbering Portability Working Group (LNPA WG) regarding number portability mandates.

While the FCC, the telecommunication industry, vendors and standards organizations continue to collaborate on the development of a national IP network and the requirements thereof, OBF provides support for the ongoing demands of the PSTN providers and customers, by updating current standards and developing new standards to address industry needs.