Steven Baum Verizon
Drew Morin, T-Mobile
Mike Nawrocki, ATIS
Tom Anderson, ATIS


5G Supply Chain

ATIS’ 5G Supply Chain Working Group was launched at the request of the Department of Defense (DoD) in consultation with other government agencies. The goal is to extend the development of 5G best practices and guidelines for the purpose of creating supply chain standards that can be operationalized in the public and private sectors.

5G services and solutions will be deeply integrated into the next generation of networks and services and ATIS has developed many of the standards that are setting the 5G network into action. This uniquely positions ATIS to lead this initiative to develop supply chain standards for trusted 5G networks and services. The work brings together DoD, other government agencies, as well as leading industry partners to achieve this goal.

Among other things, the 5G Supply Chain Working Group will work to establish a common assurance framework for trusted 5G networks; develop or identify standards to be applied to 5G systems; and evaluate audit/certification options for ICT solution providers, infrastructure and endpoint device original equipment manufacturers. These objectives are intended to address end-to-end ICT supply chain visibility, coordination of existing supply chain management best practices, industry alignment with federal guidelines, improved threat monitoring tools and a method to influence national/international standards development.


  • ATIS Standard: 5G Network Assured Supply Chain
    This new ATIS standard addresses the 5G supply chain (5G/SC) as a critical function in the design, build, deployment, and operation of 5G assured networks. It focuses on the requirements and controls necessary to operationalize a set of agreeable levels of assurance associated with the lifecycle functions of high assurance 5G/SCs. This is based on a flexible reference model and component flow through the complex 5G/SC to identify specific controls that can mitigate the identified threats and associated attacks.