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ATIS 5G Supply Chain Standard to Map Path to Assured 5G Networks

ATIS 5G Supply Chain Standard to Map Path to Assured 5G Networks

WASHINGTON, DC –– A new ATIS white paper presents the foundational concepts being incorporated into the first-ever 5G supply chain standard that can be operationalized to deliver assured 5G networks. This work comes in light of increased 5G innovation that is driving new mobile technology deployments spanning vertical markets, massive IoT connectivity, public and private networks, and government applications. These new forms of device connectivity place new demands on the global 5G supply chain. The supply chain standard ATIS is developing is essential to ensuring that products and services from both domestic and global vendors are trustworthy to operate in this new paradigm of 5G networks and applications.

Solidly based on futuristic 5G use cases, ATIS 5G Supply Chain Standard: Creating the Foundation for Assured 5G Networks provides an early view into the framework and standards-based model upon which detailed controls and requirements will be developed and applied to meet the complex needs of 5G networks over the next decade. In the white paper, ATIS extends development of existing 5G best practices and guidelines by defining the complete lifecycle in an end-to-end supply chain. The forthcoming standard is the product of collaboration between industry and government to address end-to-end supply chain security. It is targeted for completion later this year.

“ATIS’ approach to assured 5G networks considers the 5G supply chain within the larger context of securing 5G infrastructure overall,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “Our work sets forth a comprehensive, layered model to deliver a smarter supply chain focused on 5G’s current and future evolution. The resulting standard will serve to reduce risk and provide a standardized approach for detecting and addressing cybersecurity threats within the supply chain.”

ATIS’ pioneering 5G supply chain risk management work brings together industry and government stakeholders, including the Department of Defense, to address their unique priorities. The full 5G Supply Chain Initiative, chaired by T-Mobile USA, Verizon and NTIA, consists of more than 50 companies, government agencies and academic institutions Access ATIS 5G Supply Chain Standard: Creating the Foundation for 5G Assured Networks.

Marcella Wolfe, Manager – Public Relations and Marketing Communications, ATIS