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ATIS Brings Open Source oneM2M Support to Embedded Cellular IoT Modules

ATIS Brings Open Source oneM2M Support to Embedded Cellular IoT Modules

Successful testing of NB-IoT connectivity for OS-IoT platform brings oneM2M connectivity to a broader range of devices and global markets than ever before possible.

WASHINGTON, DC —  ATIS today announced that it has successfully demonstrated a cellular IoT module using the ATIS OS-IoT software accessing cloud-based oneM2M standard services over Vodafone’s Open Lab Narrow-Band IoT (NB-IoT) test network. The global oneM2M standard defines a common, interoperable, platform for IoT systems, providing application-independent building blocks that fulfill core tasks of secure data collection, management and distribution. The NB-IoT standard, defined by 3GPP, provides economical and efficient support of narrow-bandwidth communication services to IoT applications with wide geographic coverage by adding IoT optimizations to mobile cellular networks. The demonstration shows how applications built on the Open Source OS-IoT platform can use oneM2M and NB-IoT standards together to provide IoT capabilities suitable for global markets.

“With OS-IoT, developers of sensor applications have an open platform that combines access to the oneM2M ecosystem with the international coverage and efficiency of NB-IoT communication,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “This platform enables application developers to expand their addressable market by offering oneM2M support on a wide range of sensor devices that meet tight cost and power constraints.”

As the IoT revolution advances, a broad range of applications, including wearable devices, low-cost environmental monitors, smart meters and smart cities applications, depend on efficient machine-to-machine communications capabilities. NB-IoT allows cellular networks to meet the challenge of providing connectivity to these devices and delivers communications services suitable for long-lived battery-powered sensors. The use of the oneM2M standard can help application providers address current concerns about IoT security, trustworthiness and data privacy while still providing openness where appropriate. The enhanced OS-IoT platform allows sensor applications to run directly on the NB-IoT cellular module without the need for an additional external microcontroller to act as an application processor. Compared to the conventional approach of using separate devices for the cellular module and the application processor, this reduces the bill of materials (BoM) costs of IoT sensors and offers lower power consumption.

View the demonstration of the ATIS OS-IoT library for support of oneM2M running on the BG96 Cellular IoT module over Narrow-Band IoT (NB-IoT) at the Vodafone NB-IoT Open Lab here Learn more about the OS-IoT library and access the code used for this demonstration at For a technical introduction to oneM2M please see

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