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ATIS Publishes Calling Party Spoofing Mechanisms and Mitigation Techniques Whitepaper

ATIS Publishes Calling Party Spoofing Mechanisms and Mitigation Techniques Whitepaper

WASHINGTON — April 21, 2016 — ATIS today announced publication of the Calling Party Spoofing Mechanisms and Mitigation Techniques white paper.  The document informs policymakers and others about the challenges posed by Caller ID spoofing and related robocalling and provides a comprehensive overview of the industry work being conducted to address this challenge.  This analysis concludes that a layered approach, similar to that used in cybersecurity efforts, provides the flexibility to respond to these evolving threats, and that mandating a single “solution” to Caller ID spoofing would be counterproductive. A wide range of mitigation techniques is proposed as the white paper specifically states that with a single mandated solution fraudulent callers would simply find other ways to exploit existing or future infrastructure.

“A phenomenal amount of coordinated work takes place throughout ATIS to prevent and reduce the impact of Caller ID spoofing,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “While no single solution exists, ATIS is proud to publish this report on the expanse of the work being done. We are confident that continued efforts will advance mitigation.  In addition to helping consumers, ATIS’ solutions are essential to maintaining consumer confidence in communications networks and services as well as aiding the providers of voice services as they deliver the highest quality service in a transforming network.”

ATIS’ approach addresses the multi-faceted problem from all critical angles, calling on the expertise of multiple working groups and committees.  ATIS’ Next Generation Interconnection Interoperability Forum, its Packet Technologies and Systems Committee and the ATIS-SIP Forum Joint Task Force are all involved in this work. ATIS’ efforts take place in close coordination with the IETF to enhance its work on a mechanism to allow phone numbers to be “signed” at the origin, and “verified” at the termination. The goal is to allow service providers to perform the “validation” and “verification” on the user’s behalf.

The document is available at no charge in the ATIS White Paper Center.


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