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Media Advisory: ATIS Delivers “Standards and Release Roadmap Toward 5G: A North American Perspective” at 5G North America

Media Advisory: ATIS Delivers “Standards and Release Roadmap Toward 5G: A North American Perspective” at 5G North America

WASHINGTON — Sept. 9, 2016 —

What: ATIS presents on the Standards and Release Roadmap Toward 5G: A North American Perspective at 5G North America.  The presentation will be given by Jim McEachern, Senior Technology Consultant, ATIS.

When:  ATIS’ presentation takes place Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 2:50 – 3:10 p.m. The full 5G North America event takes place November 14-16 in Dallas, Texas.
Background:  ATIS is taking a leadership role to ensure 5G is positioned to deliver the long-promised convergence of all services onto a common framework, with corresponding enhancements to efficiency, security and service velocity. By representing North American 5G requirements globally, ATIS will leverage members’ thought leadership and the region’s recognized role as the incubator of new business models. In his presentation McEachern will:
  • Overview the ATIS program
  • Examine current drivers for 5G; mobile broadband, IoT and critical communications
  • Discuss how 5G will be required to meet growing demands
  • Define practical scenarios
  • Address service migration strategies and the phasing of 5G deployment
  • Explore the 5G environment from a ‘disruptive’ perspective
Background:  5G North America, formerly known as LTE North America, offers attendees the
chance to find out how the most innovative carriers are getting “5G-ready,” along with how they are optimizing their current LTE networks through LTE-A, VoLTE, Video and RAN evolution. As the industry moves towards next generation connectivity, the show will hear from IoT experts for the first time to share use cases for 5G networks, while the demo zone in the exhibition will show hands on examples of what the future holds.
ATIS Speaker:  At ATIS, Jim McEachern leads strategic initiatives involving communications and infrastructure providers, and focuses heavily on the convergence of hardware and software technologies to enable improved time to market and cost reductions, advanced cybersecurity frameworks for hardening networks and systems, mobile application expansion, and integration of end-user applications and analytics within national and international networks. McEachern has 30 years of network and product planning experience covering VoIP, Service Management, SONET/SDH, high-speed access (DSL, cable, and fiber), wireless networks, fixed wireless access, operations, and data networking. He served as the MultiService Forum (MSF) President and was elected an MSF Senior Fellow in 2010. Learn more about Jim McEachern.
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As a leading technology and solutions development organization, the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) brings together the top global ICT companies
to advance the industry’s most critical business priorities. ATIS’ 150 member companies are currently working to address 5G, the all-IP transition, network functions virtualization, big data analytics, cloud services, device solutions, emergency services, M2M, cyber security, network evolution, quality of service, billing support, operations, and much more. These priorities follow a fast-track development lifecycle – from design and innovation through standards, specifications, requirements, business use cases, software toolkits, open source solutions, and interoperability testing.

ATIS is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). ATIS is the North American Organizational Partner for the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), a founding Partner of the oneM2M global initiative, a member and major U.S. contributor to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), as well as a member of the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL). For more information, visit

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