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New ATIS Initiative Advances User-Controlled Privacy

New ATIS Initiative Advances User-Controlled Privacy

WASHINGTON, DC – ATIS today announced the launch of a new User-Controlled Privacy Initiative, designed to help the industry adopt and advance innovations that would make it possible for users to establish a self-sovereign (i.e. self-managed), identity (SSI). Combining this SSI along with verifiable credential proofs of information greatly enhances individuals’ control and rights over their personal data.

This work is both timely and strategic. Privacy regulation in both the U.S. and Canada is increasing at both the state and provincial levels. It comes in response to recent data breaches, hacking cases and problems with centralized data management. In the emerging regulatory environment, handling customer data grows more complex. Businesses must realign operations to adapt.

“SSI can address personal data in a way that fosters greater trust between consumers and businesses, while also helping companies comply with new privacy regulations,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “This new initiative will provide operators with practical insight into the new technology being developed to enable secure user-controlled privacy.”

Learn more about this work by visiting the User-Controlled Privacy Using Self-Sovereign Identity Initiative site.  If your company is interested in joining this initiative and is an ATIS member, please contact ATIS Membership Director Rich Moran.

Marcella Wolfe, Manager – Public Relations and Marketing Communications, ATIS