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Next G Alliance Presents Critical Input to the ITU-R Vision for 2030 and Beyond

Next G Alliance Presents Critical Input to the ITU-R Vision for 2030 and Beyond

ATIS’ Next G Alliance has submitted a contribution to the ITU-R, responding to a request for input to the “IMT Vision for 2030 and Beyond.” The ITU has a rich history in the development of radio interface standards for mobile communications. The input of the Next G Alliance will contribute to shaping the ITU-R recommendation on IMT-2030 — the vision recommendation for the next generation of radio interface.

The Next G Alliance is a future-focused initiative launched by the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) to advance North American wireless technology leadership over the next decade through private sector-led efforts. It is currently creating the North American 6G vision and mapping steps to achieve it.  The goals included in this initial ITU-R submission include essential objectives and timelines for the networks of the future as outlined in the forthcoming National 6G Roadmap. This input is well-aligned with the longer-term vision being developed by the Next G Alliance, which addresses the key technology and application development areas that will advance North American leadership in 6G and beyond.

“Defining what it takes to deliver next generation wireless leadership is a bold undertaking,” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “The goals set forth in the National 6G Roadmap as contributed to the ITU-R will guide future global standards, as well as deployment, product, operation and services recommendations for the networks of the future. They are setting the stage to put North America at the forefront of wireless technology leadership.”

The Next G Alliance input specifically covers the advancement of trust, security, and resilience; cost efficiency in all aspects of the network architecture; an enhanced digital world experience; an AI-native future system; and distributed compute and communications systems built on cloud and virtualization technologies. The contributions note that energy efficiency and the environment must be at the forefront of decisions throughout the life cycle, with a goal of achieving IMT carbon neutral by 2040. Read the complete goals set forth in the National 6G Roadmap.

The Next G Alliance intends to provide ongoing contributions to the IMT Vision for 2030 and beyond as invited by ITU-R.

Marcella Wolfe, Manager – Public Relations and Marketing Communications, ATIS