Brian Daly, AT&T
Tom Anderson, ATIS

5G North American Needs

ATIS is taking a leadership role to ensure 5G is positioned to deliver the long-promised convergence of all services onto a common framework, with corresponding enhancements to efficiency, security and service velocity. ATIS’ 5G Reimagined: A North American Perspective report employed use cases to address augmented and virtual reality and identified corresponding requirements in the new network. The analysis also provides initial assessment of an approach to provide Optimized User Experience (OUx) in the forthcoming network. A detailed assessment of OUx requirements has also been completed.

In their quest to provide increasingly competitive services, network operators have found that better understanding and providing OUx for wireless customers is critical. The analysis outlines the breakthrough use cases related to OUx and addresses Service and Ecosystem enhancements that enable them to be delivered. ATIS’ 5G group is currently working on additional detailed use cases from the newly emerging 3GPP standards on 5G.

By representing North American 5G requirements globally, ATIS will leverage members’ thought leadership and the region’s recognized role as the incubator of new business models. Learn more about ATIS’ 5G initiative.