Nima Salehi, TELUS

Intelligent Programmatic Peering

Intelligent Programmatic Peering: Mitigating DDoS attacks — and more. The Intelligent Programmatic Peering Landscape Team (IPLT) was convened to create industry solutions identifying mechanisms to leverage SP to SP communications to better mitigate DDoS attacks. The IPLT has specifically addressed the fact that existing DDoS mitigation techniques do not use real-time information exchange between SPs. The IPLT has assessed available mechanisms for addressing the problem including RTBH Filtering (Remotely Triggered Black Hole), Policy Based Routing, and BGP FlowSpec. It is currently reviewing these mechanisms with an eye toward understanding the need for best practices and who should define these in the industry. The Landscape Team is currently posing critical questions to service providers, and developing a template for a “DDoS Mitigation Peering agreement.” Its conclusions will be validated with service providers.

Output: Intelligent Programmatic Peering Summary Report, December 2016.